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Have you ever wondered what happens with the samples of body tissue or fluid your health care provider takes from you? How does that process help determine your diagnosis and inform treatment options?

Our health care system relies on diagnostic testing to guide care teams and help patients make the best decisions about their care. Behind the scenes, pathologists lead the laboratories and examine the samples and specimens that discover the root causes of patients’ illnesses.

Decoding Discovery

Sample Bosy Tissue

Whether patients experience symptoms of a disease, want to find out if they are predisposed to a condition, or need more information to inform a treatment plan, the journey begins with a sample of your body tissue or fluid.

Pathologist Looking Through Microscope

Working with patients’ health care teams, pathologists analyze samples using advanced equipment and techniques, to determine diagnosis and inform treatment options.

Group of Pathologists

Pathologists diagnose cancers, decode other illnesses, and ensure laboratory quality and continuous improvement in your community. Patients’ care throughout America is powered by pathologists.

Supporting Patient Access to Pathology Services

Patients are healthier because of the hard work of pathologists. Learn more about the CAP’s public policy agenda and key issues impacting pathology.

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