How Pathologists Help You Achieve Health System Goals

Without argument, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken and challenged every health care system and organization. What has remained the same for health care providers is our unwavering commitment to care for our patients and communities.

Pandemic or not, pathologists are guiding hospitals and health systems to make decisions that ensure testing and diagnostic accuracy, improve patient care for better patient outcomes, mitigate risks, and ensure quality.

Leading Testing and Diagnosis Accuracy

Leading Testing and Diagnosis Accuracy

Laboratory Insights Amidst COVID-19

In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic in the US, the University of Chicago Medicine’s medical laboratories found ways to quickly deliver accurate diagnostic-testing results for their own patients and those in the community they served.

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Introducing SARS-CoV-2 Proficiency Testing Programs

Pathologists introduce new proficiency testing (PT) programs to expand patient testing capabilities for the novel coronavirus.

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Improving Patient Care

Investigating Convalescent Plasma as a Potential COVID-19 Treatment

Pathologists explore a COVID-19 treatment that uses convalescent plasma or CCP collected from individuals who recovered from COVID-19.

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Advancing Quality of Care Through Laboratory Test Utilization

Through a laboratory/clinician initiative, the Cleveland Clinic found creative ways to leverage data-driven, evidence-based best practices regarding laboratory testing to influence systemwide costs.

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Improving Patient Care

Mitigating Risk and Ensuring Quality

Mitigating Risk and Ensuring Quality

Advancing Quality and Preparedness During a Pandemic

Partnering together to confront the pandemic, leading pathologists and health care executives shared their novel coronavirus lessons learned and ongoing challenges.

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Elevating Laboratory Medical Management

The CAP’s 15189 accreditation program to the ISO 15189 standard creates a quality culture meant to connect the dots between risk management and quality improvement.

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