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The CAP's Advanced Practical Pathology Programs (AP3s) and Advanced Learning Series (ALS) provide highly focused training in relevant areas of science and technology where no recognized specialty designations are yet available.

The Laboratory Medical Direction (LMD) AP3 program includes online courses and a workshop. The Ultrasound-Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration (USFNA) AP3 program includes prework activities and a hands-on workshop. Upon the successful completion of each program’s cognitive and practical assessments, learners receive a certificate of recognition.

The Multidisciplinary Breast Pathology (MBP) ALS program includes online sessions and a workshop, but excludes the cognitive and practical assessments; culminating in a certificate of completion.

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Multidisciplinary Breast Pathology (MBP)

Laboratory Medical Direction (LMD)

Ultrasound-Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration (USFNA)

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